EKB-TV launched in 2014 with one directive – to deliver “hyper local” programming to the people of the Central Appalachian region. EKB-TV’s goal of reaching residents with the first truly local platform has exceeded all expectations. EKB-TV Evening News at 6 premiered on March 30, 2015 and was an immediate success. Viewers received relevant, up-to-date news, weather and sports, delivered by a regional team of anchors, EKB’s own Chief Meteorologist and well versed sports experts. Initially broadcast on 2 cable systems and streamed online at EKBTV.com, the demand for additional coverage led to increasing partnerships with various cable outlets and expanded reach. In response to the many requests for a late night news program, EKB-TV unveiled the Nightly News at 10 in August of the same year. Weekend News was added in the spring of 2016. The channel boasts a variety of locally produced shows, in addition to syndicated favorites. Since its inception, EKB-TV has cemented itself as the premier outlet for local programming in the Big Sandy region and beyond and continues to offer its hundreds of thousands of viewers a resource for “hyper local” information and entertainment.

Walter E. May

Owner & Chairman of the Board

Cindy May Johnson